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Maggie Grey's Workshop on the Web
- the quarterly textile review


March 2014
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Maggie Grey

Welcome to Workshop on the Web, a publication exclusive to the internet, featuring the very best tutors from all points of the compass, giving step-by-step details of textile techniques and ideas for using those techniques creatively. Machine embroidery, hand stitching, mixed media work from metals to the latest developments in plastics technology and beyond - you'll find it all here. We review books and products and keep you in touch with all that's new.

Undecided? We have provided a taster issue of Workshop on the Web which is entirely free and unrestricted. To view it, click the free taster button below (or Taster at the top of the page). Future issues can be accessed by subscribers through a password. We promise that each issue will have at least six workshop features, an interview with a well-known embroiderer plus other articles of general interest. Also, products - not just what's new but how to use them, book reviews, news and views. Add all this together and it's far more than a magazine - more like getting a new book four times a year. All for 20.00 pounds for a whole year's subscription (about $30). Even more reason to sign up.

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We have the ever popular Sherrill Kahn working with cold wax, Gina Ferrari is doodling a notebook with machine embroidery, Ineke Berlyn has some sketchbook ideas for journal quilts and Maggie has an in depth article on stencilling on wet wipes. Adeline Schwab was a real hit at the K&S Show with her miniatures and she gives away some secrets in her article, Anne Kelly has another book idea and, if you give Coral Lewis some flowers, she will promptly paint and print from them. Sam Packer's celebrity interview with Lesley Patterson-Marx will give you food for thought and, as usual, a good mix of Exhibitions, Products, News and Books.

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Available now, 'Approaches to Stitch: Six Artists' is D4Daisy's newest book. Edited by Maggie Grey, it looks at the work of top artists: Elizabeth Brimelow, Ro Bruhn, Ruth Lee, Siân Martin, Olga Norris and Beryl Taylor. Their work ranges from quilting, stitching, mixed media and journalling, and each artist is an expert in her own field. They first talk about their work and then expand on it so that the reader will be able to try a technique (or two) for themselves which they can then adapt and develop as a base for their own experiments. Everyone at D4daisy Books is really excited about the people we invited to join us and confident that this is one of our best books yet. Find out more on

The Small Print

Most contributions to Workshop on the Web have previously been commissioned. However, if you have something to say that could suit an article, email Maggie Grey with an outline.
Views expressed by authors may not necessarily reflect those of the editor.
Authors of articles published in Workshop on the Web retain copyright of the material. It is assumed that authors are personally responsible for any copyright clearances relating to articles in Workshop on the Web and no responsibility attaches to publisher Maggie Grey or any of her or their associates or employees in this respect.
Subscribers may print one copy of each Workshop on the Web article for their own use. Otherwise, reproduction of any material published in Workshop on the Web is allowed only with the written permission of the editor.
Health & Safety. Take reasonable care with all paints etc. and only use them in a well-ventilated room. Take precautions when burning fabric, using a respirator when doing so. If soldering and fabric singeing, do so in an area with as much natural ventilation as possible - all windows open etc. Use common sense and follow health and safety instructions. Neither Maggie Grey nor any of her associates or employees has any responsibility for the outcome of the techniques described.