Stitch Dissolve Distort

Val: silk paper and organza with layers of knitting ribbon secured with quilting and free running stitch.

Val: pintucks on a computer print.

Sue Miles says:
Another excellent book from Val and Maggie, exploring new and exciting ways to stitch, dissolve and distort fabrics before and after stitching. In the first part (Stitch), we are encouraged to dust off our machine manuals and find stitches which are then given a whole new look, with whipping, free running and cable. This is heaven for free machine addicts. For the less adventurous, utility and built-in stitches are imaginatively distorted, creating wonderful effects. Dissolve - washing away - guides us through the many materials available. Detailed examples and colourful layouts help the experienced, and those less so, to create new fabrics, with stitch, cords and motifs, to form borders or complete embroideries. In the Distort section, Maggie and Val show exciting ways to alter the look of fabrics. Clear, concise text ensures that there is never a dull moment whether we are distorting with heat gun, embellisher or melting pot. Stitch Dissolve Distort, illustrated with wonderful photographs by Michael Wicks, is a fun and exciting read with a treasury of ideas for everyone who enjoys stitch.

Maggie: shibori-dyed silk, manipulated with wireform.

Maggie: embossing powder on tea-bag fabric, soft black paper, embossed and placed behind it.

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