Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to subscribe or renew and I cannot register with the website or do not know my password and username.
When you subscribe or renew your subscription, you'll be transferred to our new Shop. There is no need to register with this site - unless you'd like it to remember your details for the next time - just add the item to your basket. You will then be transferred to SagePay for payment, in the usual way.

I haven't received the username and password for the latest edition.
Please contact who will forward it to you again. There are always a few which 'bounce' back when we try to send them. Also, remember to check your junk or deleted items mailbox. It's surprising how many emails end up there for no apparent reason.

My computer will not accept the username and password I am entering.
Are you entering the correct username and password? The ONLY username that will work is the one you have received from us. Entering your own username (for example, your own name or nickname) WILL NOT work. The same goes for the password: only the password you have received from us will work. It must be entered in exactly the same way as given.

My computer still will not accept the username and password you have given me for the current issue.
Is the home page headed June 2016? Sometimes, your computer's hard disk may be holding information already entered (last issue's username and password). If it shows a different date, it will need to be refreshed. Clicking the 'refresh' button at the top of your screen (Internet Explorer shows this as a page with the two green arrows) should clear this.
BUT: For AOL users. If that doesn't work, it may be that you're looking at an older page stored (cached) by your browser (AOL) from the last visit. However, they should not cache pages for very long so, once the current one has expired, the next visit to the page will cache the current version and the problem will be solved. If this is the case, the problem may already have fixed itself. If not, you will need to force your browser to refresh, in other words, to load the page fresh from Workshop on the Web. Try this: My AOL > Preferences > WWW >Temporary Internet Files >Delete Files. If that still doesn't work, the best way would be to bypass the cached home page and go directly to the workshops. To do this, copy into the address line of your browser and enter. The box that pops up will ask for the June 2016 access information - key them in as usual and you're done. There does appear to be an intermittent problem of compatibility between newer versions of Adobe Acrobat and some browsers.
The easiest way around it is to try another browser. Few problems seem to arise with Mozilla Firefox If this doesn't work, try the following:
Mac users: CTRL-click (or right-click) on the PDF link (button or image). Download it by selecting 'Download linked files as...' which brings up a navigation dialogue box so you can choose where to save the file. Do this for as many PDFs as you want to download. When you've finished downloading the files, open the folder where they were saved and double-click them to open. They will open automatically in the computer's default PDF reader - this is normally Preview, unless the user has changed it to something else.
Windows users: right click on the icon of the workshop you want to open and Save Target As. . . Launch Acrobat and open the saved file directly.

Can I buy Back Issues without joining?
Sorry, no. You can only buy Back Issues when (or after) becoming a member of Workshop on the Web. The annual subscription is only 20.00 British pounds and you are issued with a membership number which helps us to see which Back Issues you are entitled to, should any of those usernames and/or passwords ever go astray.

I am trying to look at a Back Issue but my computer will not let me in. Why not?
Have you subscribed to this Back Issue? If not, you will not be able to access it. You can buy any of our Back Issues at the very reasonable price of 5.75 pounds each. You will then be sent a username and password for that issue. To see a full list of Back Issues and what each edition contains, please click on 'Back Issues' near the top of the home page.

Why can't you just renew my subscription - I paid online last time using your secure server.
Sorry but when you buy online, we do not actually see your credit card details. These are held securely by Sagepay, who process your payment on our behalf.

Add us to your Address Book
To ensure your Workshop on the Web emails reach your inbox, please add to your address book or safe senders' list. This is necessary because some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block emails from senders whose email addresses are not in the recipient's address book or on their safe senders' list in order to prevent you from receiving unwanted spam email. You can add us by following the instructions below for your ISP.
Once signed in, click on 'Options' in the top right of your screen. If a drop down menu appears, click on 'More options...' at the bottom. Under the 'Junk e-mail' section, click on 'Safe and blocked senders'. Click on 'Safe senders'. Type in the 'Sender or domain to mark as safe:' box, and then click 'Add to list'.
Microsoft Outlook
Click on the 'File' menu at the top of the screen, then click on 'New', then click on 'Contact'. Type into the 'E-mail' box. Enter any information you wish on the address card and click 'Save and Close'.
Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird
Click on the 'File' menu at the top of the screen, then click on 'New', then click on 'Address Book Card...'. Type into the 'Email' box. Enter any information you wish on the address card and click 'OK'.
Click Contacts along the left side of any page. Click the New Contact button in the top-left corner of the Contact Manager. Enter into the 'Email' box then click 'Save'.
Yahoo Mail (and BT Internet)
If you have Yahoo! Mail Classic:
Go to any email from us and at the top of the message screen, click on the 'Add to Address Book' link at the end of the 'From:' address field. Check that is in the email box, enter any other information you wish on the address card and click 'Add to Address Book'.
If you have the newer version of Yahoo! Mail:
On the left bar, click on the 'Add' link next to 'Contacts'. In the small window that appears, type into the 'Email' box. Enter any other information you wish on the address card and click 'Save'.
On the left bar, click 'Contacts'. On the next screen, click the 'New' button next to the search box at the top, and then click 'New Contact' on the menu that appears. Enter into the 'Email 1' box. Enter any information you wish on the Address Card and click the 'Create' button at the top, next to the search box.

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