Lesson 3 Part 3

Initial Sketch

Although this set of pics is to illustrate a point for my free online class, it also illustrates one of the methods I use to work from sketch to stitch.

A 'back of the envelope' sketch, loosely based on Gaudi faces, was coloured with Derwent Inktense crayons.
Gallery Lesson 3, Part 3 a

The next step was to draw it up so that it became suitable for stitch. I scanned the resulting drawing into my sewing machine software and stitched it out very roughly on my Bernina. I then free machined into it to break up the regularity of the stitch. This could just as well be transferred to tissue paper and the main lines stitched on felt. With the tissue paper removed, free machining into the spaces could be done. You can see the result of this on the right, with the drawing below.

I loved the effect of the ink crayons on the paper, so I scanned them in and printed them on inkjet cotton through my printer (see below right).
Gallery Lesson 3, Part 3 b
Gallery Lesson 3, Part 3 c
Putting it together

It was assuming a kimono shape, which I liked. I stitched the 'sleeves' by placing the inkjet cotton over felt and doing some running stitch. It was then cut out and the edges were oversewn. With the centres lightly attached, it was placed on the book background.
Gallery Lesson 3, Part 3 d
Gallery Lesson 3, Part 3 c

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