Paper & Beyond - what's is it?
Paper & Beyond is a full-sized book presented on a CD ROM. Maggie and Jane had such fun with their recent book that they carried on to produce this CD ROM. It has lots of exciting ideas for paper, making books, using the melting pot, calligraphy, polymer clay, three-dimensional structures - and more. The book is divided into three sections:

which cover enhancing papers, forming braids and shapes, making exciting and different books and many other things you can do with paper. There are lots of stunning photographs and clear diagrams to explain the different processes. Although the techniques are paper-based, most of them will translate to be suitable for textile artists, jewellers etc. Although it's a one-off, single issue, we hope to bring out regular issues next year.
                          Edited by
                          Maggie Grey &
                          Jane Wild

All this for only 14.00 British pounds including postage. And the CD ROM comes in the printer-friendly Acrobat PDF format. Click the buttons below to see some of the super effects you'll be able to achieve. Also, scroll down to see some pics.




Jane Home
From Jane Wild's chapter in the Decorate section,
this art nouveau study uses inks with resists.
Maggie Home
From Maggie Grey's chapter in the Paginate section,
this piece is in book form and is based on
illuminated manuscripts.