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We dye silk, cotton, rayon, wool and paper in a wonderful palette of subtly variegated 'Hand Dyed' colours, for the discerning embroiderer, quilter and textile artist.

Our extensive range of products from threads, felts, fibres, fine scrims, luscious velvets are ideal for mixed media work and surface design as they tone beautifully across the whole range.

We dye an extensive range of silk fibres which are perfect for the embellisher, silk paper making or for spinning. You can even buy them undyed if you prefer to work in neutrals.

ETSY shop online

We're moving but we'll be back really soon with some great products. Watch this space. . .
21st Century Yarns 1

21st Century Yarns 2

Our unique hand-dyed Silks, Cottons and Wools are available in an exciting array of colourways and textures which are suitable for all creative textile art

As well as Threads, Yarns, Fabrics, Felts and Rovings we also supply exclusive Designs and Designer Packs

21st Century Yarns 2

We sell by Mail Order and at various events throughout the year


Art Van Go

web site

Art Van Go

Fusing Fabric

Mail Order only
TEL: 01264 365102 (UK)
TEL: 0044 1264 365102 (from outside UK)

FINE TIPPED SOLDERING This is the soldering iron I use for all the techniques described in my books. It is the best one for the technique because the tip is so fine. Not only does it allow for perfect cutting, fusing and mark-making, the tip is fine enough to fit into the most intricately patterned metal stencils or templates.
UK SOLDERING IRONS                                      £23.50 plus £3.00 postage

Wired to the correct voltage, ready for use             £23.50 plus £7.00 postage

BOOKS by Margaret Beal
FUSING FABRIC                                                 £14.99 plus £3.00 postage
NEW IDEAS IN FUSING FABRIC                         £19.99 plus £3.00 postage

The fabrics listed here are ideal starter packs for cutting, fusing and mark-making techniques described in my books.

Pack of 15 assorted colours (9x9inches/23x23cm)                              £9.00

Pack of 10 assorted colours (9x9inches/23x23cm)                              £6.00
Pack of 10 black squares (9x9inches/23x23cm)                                  £6.00
Pack of 10 assorted patterned synthetic fabrics (9x9inches/23x23cm)  £8.00

This is a non woven quite stiff semi-transparent fabric made with long strands of bonded synthetic fibres
Pack of 7 colours (9x11inches/23x28cm)                                           £7.00

Pack of metal templates, 6 flower shapes and 3 square shapes           £4.50

Pack of 2 rulers to use as templates
1 x wavy edge, 1 x zigzagged edge                                                   £8.00

Bernina logo

Bernina words
Bernina 440

The aim of Bernina is simple; to produce sewing machines that let textile artists and craftspeople turn their imagination and inspiration into a reality.

Bernina Aurora range - for quilters and all textile artists
  • BSR stitch regulator: for automatically maintaining the stitch length while you guide the fabric (model 440QE only).
  • Bernina knee-lifter: The unique Bernina device that raises the presser foot, lowers the feed and releases the tension by simply nudging with your knee - giving you in effect an extra hand and so invaluable for intricate and large work.
  • Bernina Hi-light: a white, bright, all round sewing light that also remains cool.
  • Bernina CB shuttle for legendary stitch quality.
  • Foot control with heel tap for needle up or down
  • Simple to use push button control with alternative start/stop button and slide speed controller.
  • Bernina presser feet: having the unique solid metal construction for complete rigidity and finest stitch quality. There is an unparalleled range of over 70 accessories for every conceivable sewing task
  • Optional Aurora embroidery module for frame embroidery controlled by your PC.
  • Optional Bernina Designer state of the art embroidery software.

Bogod Machine Company, 50-52 Great Sutton Street,
London EC1V 0DJ, tel. 020 7549 7849,
web site
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Double Trouble 2015
Double Trouble 2015
Double Trouble 2015

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Preniac 2015a

Preniac newad3

For further details, call Liz on 0033 5 65 31 88 51
Cut, Shape, Stitch
ISBN: 978-0-9574413-2-3

Cut, Shape, Stitch
Maggie Grey, Samantha Packer & Paula Watkins
Published by d4daisy books (softback)

This book aims to bring together cutters of all descriptions. At first glance your options seem limited but the dies for the cutters can be used for intricate layered shapes, in stitched quilts or combined into mixed media work. Metal shim can be cut and manipulated. Wired motifs set into gesso-painted backgrounds resemble fabulous carved surfaces.

The book progresses through simple shapes and techniques to more complex structures. Each section begins with a description of the tools used and the materials required. In many cases step-by-step photographs show exactly how it is done. So come with us on a journey that will explore the full potential of the cutting edge.There are ideas for all manner of cutting devices, from simple hole punches to easy scan or computer controlled cutters that enable you to import your own designs. Some of them can even be used as printing presses.

£16.00 plus £2.00 p&p per book in the UK. If outside Great Britain, add a further £5.00 per book airmail. Order online from d4daisy books through their secure site.

Dissolvable Delights
ISBN: 978-0-9555371-9-6

Dissolvable Delights
by Maggie Grey
Published by d4daisy books (softback)

Another book continues the d4daisy Workshop series - books with loads of ideas that are based on one particular concept. The books are very well priced, especially when they all include a series of free on-line classes to take the techniques in the book even further. The books and lessons consider the fact that we can't afford to buy lots of expensive materials and suggest ways of making a little go a long way.

Maggie Grey's new book, 'Dissolvable Delights' majors on water-soluble materials. These are amazingly versatile and her book aims to show how they can be used alone, employed as a support for other materials or layered over exciting surfaces to make a very rich composition. You'll find innovative mixed media ideas which include the use of metal, embossing powders and rusting techniques. If you are seeking three-dimensional effects, a special 'super weight' film is suggested but very little is needed, and all scrap pieces can be recycled.

Other materials that Maggie includes in these techniques can often be replaced by the recycled variety: metal shim makes a great surface but purée tubes or soft drinks cans can be substituted. Embossing powders combine with materials found in the stash. Black plastic rubbish bags make great backgrounds for panels - and cut down on spending.

£12.00 plus £2.00 p&p per book in the UK. If outside Great Britain, add a further £5.00 per book airmail. Order online from d4daisy books through their secure site.
Approaches to Stitch: Six Artists
ISBN: 9574413-1-6

Approaches to Stitch: Six Artists
Edited by Maggie Grey
Published by d4daisy books (softback)

This book looks at the work of six well respected textile artists. Their work ranges through quilting, stitching, mixed media and journalling, and each is an expert in her own field. Each artist will talk about her work and then expand on it. This will enable the reader to try the techniques for themselves, which they can then adapt and develop as a base for their own experiments.
Ro Bruhn shows some of the techniques she uses in building up layers. Hand and machine stitching combine with fabrics and paper, found objects and scraps of discarded clothing for a colourful result.
Elizabeth Brimelow's inspiration is landscape and she finds fascination and satisfaction in the transfer of information from drawing and painting to the stitched piece.
Ruth Lee has written books on her innovative knitting and stitching techniques. For this book, she has come up with a novel idea. Take an existing piece and, through research and experiment, produce something entirely new.
We know that Siân Martin's section of the book will get everyone excited. With her step-by-step instructions, she enables us to produce a great piece of work.
Olga Norris provides us with new ideas and suggests a way to combine stitch with three-dimensional work.
Beryl Taylor takes us through all the steps involved in making a stitched and layered piece with materials such as throw-away face towels, 'Colour Run' sheets and modelling paste.

£16.00 plus £2.00 p&p per book in the UK. If outside Great Britain, add a further £5.00 per book airmail. Order online from d4daisy books through their secure site.

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