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Beads for Beauty 1

Beads for Beauty
Torquay Devon
Textile, Mixed Media, Beading Courses
01803 328902


September 13
Beguiling Blossoms Necklace: A beautiful Lariat Necklace with blossom flowers throughout.
Fee £58

September 14
Doorway to Deco Bracelet: A stylish bracelet with an art deco aura
Fee £58

September 15
Jellyfish Lariat: Inspired by the beautiful sea creatures, this necklace features two jellyfish forms that dangle from the ends of a lariat.
Fee £58

September 16
Modern Medieval Bracelet: This unique dimensional bracelet fuses modern and medieval jewellery aesthetics.
Fee £58

All four classes with Laura McCabe beading artist from USA:

Monthly bead group meetings: Full day £7, half day £4 at each meeting
September 20 and 21
October 25 and 26
November 15 and 16
December 13 and 14

September 27 and 28
'Constructing and Deconstructing' by using Devoré techniques on various fabrics and papers.
Isobel Hall:
Devoré is a technique using a paste which dissolves cellulose fibres to create a pattern on a more solid background. On this exciting workshop we will work with cellulose fibres and papers. Mixed media can also be incorporated if desired. The aim will be to produce fabrics or papers that are suitable for wall art or wearable art. Adventurous vessels can also be included in this workshop if this is a direction students wish to pursue. Hand or machine stitch to embellish.
Fee £86 for the two days

November 29
Christmas 2016 Beading project
Alison Wray-McCann:
Alison has a new design for Christmas since she started designing.
Fee £30


April 20-21 Alice Fox
May 8-10 Frances Pickering
June 20-21 Jan Beaney: DoubleTrouble
September 19-20 Jean Littlejohn: DoubleTrouble

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Siân Martin 1

Interested? Please email or phone 01278 652089.

Crafty Retreats

Art Van Go


Experimental Sculptural Stitched Papers
Fri 2nd Sept
Tutor: Brenda Parsons

Fall in love with paper and its flexibility. Enjoy rolling, folding, stitching and transforming papers, then building them into fascinating structures with unusual display opportunities. Have fun and be inspired by international contemporary paper artists.
Cost: £48.00 (inc £4.00 materials charge)
Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 9

Drawing the Line
Three Day Workshop Tues 6th to Thurs 8th Sept
Tutor: Bobby Britnell

A line is a mark or stroke, long in proportion to its breadth, made with a pen, pencil, tool, etc onto a surface. This course will have students examining both the simplicity and complexity of 'line' as an inspirational source, by using a variety of 'drawing'tools and mixed media surfaces. Accessible drawing methods, both traditional and experimental, will all be considered in relation to the exercises introduced, with students quickly building up inspirational boards full of ideas and design possibilities, for personal interpretation into fabric and stitch. Artist research will offer further insights into the development of ideas, with the whole course culminating in a useful portfolio of original works.
Cost: £140.00 (inc £3.00 materials charge)

Exploring Batik on Different Surfaces
Two Day Workshop Fri 9th & Sat 10th Sept
Tutor: Jenny O'Leary

Two days of exploring the exciting technique of Batik - hot wax resist. Traditionally worked on white cotton fabric, we will experiment on different surfaces such as tissue paper, paper, cotton. Each surface will offer its own surprises and effects; we will work on them separately and in combination. We will use bleach and inks on assorted papers and dyes on cotton. No experience is needed as we will start from scratch.
Cost: £88.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)

A special treat - three whole indulgent days to develop your machine skills to 'draw' and 'paint' a landscape in machine-stitch!
Warm Colours and Fallen Leaves
Three Day Workshop Tues 13th to Thurs 15th Sept
Tutor: Nodeen Salmon

How do you capture the intensity of the colours, warm days and cool nights of Autumn? Learning to mix vibrant autumnal colours in threads with the machine to create light and shade, texture and the story of the season. You will complete an Autumnal landscape using free machine embroidery over three days. Incorporating trees, leaves on the trees and ground using the needle as a drawing tool. Intermediate and advanced machine embroiderers, those familiar with their machine.
Cost: £120.00 (inc £2.00 materials charge)

Vanilla Essence
Three Day Workshop Tues 20th to Thurs 22nd Sept
Tutor: Amanda Clayton

Looking at the relationship between paper & cloth, mark & stitch, explore the qualities of cloth and celebrating hand stitch. Bias, suspension, weight, construction, fragility, and space. All issues will be explored to re-discoverer traditional techniques as a starting point, for inspirations and beginnings. You will be working in neutrals to focus on the qualities of transparency and translucency.
Cost: £108.00
Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 10

Waiting for the Tide
Sat 24th Sept
Tutor: Clive Barnett

For this one-day workshop Clive will provide all the equipment to enable you to create images (abstract or representational) using several printing techniques. Bring your own source material to reflect the title 'Waiting for the Tide', be it visual or the written word, and you will use mono-printing and screen printing to convey your design ideas into printed cloth. All printing equipment, dyes, and prepared fabrics will be provided by the tutor. All you need to bring is the design inspiration, protective clothing, gloves and a bag to take home your damp samples.
Cost: £57.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)
Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 9

Tues 27th Sept
Tutor: Suzy Drake

Having even basic drawing skills enhances your powers of observation and starts you on a journey of visual discovery of the world around you. With Suzy's help and encouragement, explore the creative and expressive possibilities of drawing materials and techniques, and enjoy making marks in these fun, relaxed drawing sessions. Each session will be open for anyone to join offering more time to practice and learn new skills.
Cost: £29.00 (inc £2 materials charge)

Laminated Stitch
Wed 28th Sept
Tutor: Alex Waylett

An opportunity to explore and experiment with laminated stitch and discover how you could include this contemporary material in your own textile work. The workshop is a structured day based around Alex's wall hanging created on a coastal theme - however you can introduce more floral motifs with hand and machine stitch if you wish. Fully utilising the transparent qualities of plastic you will combine materials such as painted bondaweb, sequin waste and metallic sheers, before hand and machine stitching each piece using water-soluble fabric. You will be shown ways of completing your wall panel at home.
Cost: £47.00 (inc £7.00 materials charge)

Paper Transformations - Taking Folded Books Further
Two Day Workshop Weds 12th & - Thurs 13th Oct
Tutor: Amanda Hislop

The workshop is a structured day based around my wall hanging created on a coastal theme - however participants can introduce more floral motifs with hand and machine stitch if they wish. Fully utilising the transparent qualities of plastic you will combine materials such as painted bondaweb, sequin waste and metallic sheers, before hand and machine stitching each piece using water-soluble fabric. Students will be shown ways of completing their wall panel at home.
Cost: £88.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)

In Residence
Fri 14th Oct
10.00am - 4pm
Who will be there?

There are several artists available for it again - and they're all brilliant. Drop in any time to see the artists at work in their respective areas - could be feltmaking, printing, mixed media or machine stitch. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and observe their techniques. These sessions are FREE and there's no need to book.
See also Wed 10th Feb & Fri 1sr April
Plus 'The Gatherings' : Fri 3rd & Sat June - Fri 9th & 10th Dec

Advanced Eco Dyeing
Two Day Workshop Tues 18th & Wed 19th Oct
Tutor: Caroline Bell

This is a workshop for those that have had some experience of eco printing but would like to explore the process a bit further and hone their practice. Working mainly with fabric, in particular, cotton, participants will have the opportunity to create more complex imagery using a range of different techniques.
Cost: £67.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)

Positively Medieval
Three Day Workshop to Thurs 20th to Sat 22nd Oct
Tutor: Frances Pickering

On this course we will explore the Medieval period. We will use a variety of techniques and materials, to make richly coloured, padded and stitched surfaces, using a sandwich of tissue and felt.
Cost: £120.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)

Mono-Printing for Cloth
Tues 25th Oct
Tutor: Maria Boyle

Explore mono-printing with a blank silk-screen and water soluble media and quickly create a selection of marvellous printed papers and textiles with a painterly mark providing you with lots of samples and finished pieces. Suitable for all levels of experience.
Cost: £57.00 (inc £4.00 materials charge)

Vain Devices
Two Day Workshop Wed 26th & Thurs 27th Oct
Tutor: Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

The rich colours, elaborate trimmings, the magnificent and extreme sculptings of Elizabethan costume will be the inspiration for this workshop. Students will 'go to town' translating the chosen features - padded hose, shoulder rolls, ruffs, gold 'points', lacings, fabric roses, stomachers etc into a textile which uses metal shim & cloth, velvet, silk and Angelina fibre, along with hand and/or machine embroidery. The use of a sewing machine would be an advantage but is not essential.
Cost: £99.00 (inc £5.00 materials change)

Botanicals in Pen & Wash
Fri 28th Oct
Tutor: Jill Winch

An exciting way to depict a flower fruit or vegetable with the use of soluble and waterproof inks.
Cost: £29.00

Meltingly Beautiful Beads
Two Day Workshop Tues 1st & Wed 2nd Nov
Tutor: Lynda Swaine

An inspiring bead making workshop with a difference. Experiment with a huge number of new ideas for making beads from fabric, fibres, film, and glue. Then explore their design potential by incorporating them into complimentary backgrounds and your own artwork. Come and have lots of fun and release your imagination! Suitable for all levels of experience. Full written instructions and a selection of materials included in the price.
Cost: £67.00 (inc £7.00 materials charge)

An Introduction to Lino Cut Printing
Thurs 3rd Nov
Tutor: Anna Pye

Have a fun day of lino cutting and printing - learning about the tools, types of lino, papers and inks. You will cut your design, ink-up your block and print by hand on a variety of papers. Warning you may become addicted!
Cost: £48.00 (inc £10.00 materials charge)
All of the specialist materials needed for the workshop are provided as part of the charge.

Metallics for Textiles
Sat 5th Nov
Tutor: Jo Mabbutt

This workshop will introduce a wide range of metallic media, including real metal leaf, metallic powders and metallic transfer foil, suitable for use on a variety of textiles and associated surfaces - Lutradur, Tyvek, handmade papers, plastics etc.
Cost: £44.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)

A New Starting Point
Three Day Workshop Tues 8th to Thurs 10th Nov
Tutor: Kim Thittichai

Discover the redemptive qualities of newspaper. Create fascinating surfaces on which to print and stitch. Using painted Bondaweb and gilding flake we will explore the possibilities of layering textures to end up with firm pieces of work that can be used to make boxes and vessels.
Cost: £140.00 (inc £10.00 materials charge)

Stitched Graffiti Art
Fri 11th Nov
Tutor: Gina Ferrari

In this free machine embroidery workshop you will use the machine as a drawing tool. With the technique of thread painting you will create your own unique piece of stitched graffiti art. Full guidance will be given.
Cost: £38.00

Creative Paperworks & Sumptuous Colour
Three Day Workshop Tues 15th to Thurs 17th Nov
Tutor: Ruth Issett

Spend time exploring the qualities of different papers and have fun exploring the possibilities of adjusting anad altering these surfaces. Working with rich and tempting colour, as well as delicious finishes, we will combine these papers to create a series of vibrant paper compositions.
Cost: £130.00 (inc £9.00 materials charge)

Natural Progression - Design to Stitch
Two Day Workshop Fri 18th & Sat 19th Nov
Tutor: Pauline Verrinder

This workshop focuses on aiding those who are in their comfort zone when working with fabric and thread, but feel challenged when asked to design. So why not break down those barriers by combining the two? We will relax and have fun experimenting with familiar materials - exploring stitch as mark-making and fabric and paper for collage, line and texture. Finally, colour and mixed media will bring designs to life, showing immediately stitch possibilities. Having many designs to play with, translating one into stitch becomes a natural progression to gain a feeling of accomplishment. The only necessity is to have experience with free machine embroidery.
Cost: £75.00 (inc £3.00 materials charge)

Colourful Contrasts in Felt Making
Two Day Workshop Thurs 1st & Fri 2nd Dec
Tutor: Jeanette Appleton

Discover the surprises of colour mixes and surfaces at each stage of the felt making process. To develop individual approaches and working methods, creating ideas for one off textiles, interior or fashion items.
Cost: £128.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)

Memory Keepers
Two Day Workshop Tues 6th & Wed 7th Dec
Tutor: Lynda Monk

Where do you store all those little bits and pieces that you have collected over the years? In a box in the back of a cupboard? In a drawer under a pile of papers? Why not have them out on show to help conjure up memories of times past? In this workshop we will be constructing two memory keepers: a 3D shrine and a canvas wall hanging using mixed media techniques.
Cost: £89.00 (inc £15.00 materials charge)

Christmas Bizarre!!!
Fri 9th and Sat 10th Dec

Yes, the spelling is intentional!! Pop-up shops, artists, festive 'stuff'. Everyone had a good time in 2015 so we're doing it again! More details much, much later - once we've thought of them!!

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