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Siân Martin offers a variety of learning opportunities:-
  • Workshops for your local group. All workshops will enable participants to explore creative ideas through embroidery techniques lasting one or two days. You can read about ideas of possible workshop topics by clicking here or you can contact Siân to discuss your individual requirements.

  • Illustrated Lectures for your regional event or local group. Siân is happy to include a brief demonstration as part of her talk. To discuss topics please contact Siân.

  • Online Courses with Distant Stitch. Learn and develop your skills by enrolling on a Distant Stitch course. Siân tutors Certificate and Diploma Courses in Embroidery and designing skills. There is the option of registering with City and Guilds. If you'd like details of these Courses, please look at the website - Distant Stitch. You can use the 'Contact Us' button for enquiries or use the details below. Two exciting offers -
    o Download a FREE Embroidery Project to make a colourful stitched bag.
    o Join our Summer School event in July and be inspired for the rest of the year!

  • Residential Masterclass weekends that meet three times a year near Bath. If you have some experience and want to develop your work with like-minded people, this small class will offer you individual support and development opportunities.
Interested? Please email or phone 01278 652089.

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For further details, call Liz on 0033 5 65 31 88 51

Art Van Go


Textural Book Wraps
Two Day Workshop Wed 2nd Sept - Thurs 3rd Sept
Tutor: Angie Hughes

These little book-wraps are constructed using woven strips of printed fabrics. Learn how to transfer text onto fabrics, using letter blocks, photocopies and typewritten lettering. Layered with transparent organza and machine embroidered the surface of the wrap has a heavily textured quality. Finish off with handmade beads and other closure ideas.
Cost: £89.00 (inc £3.00 materials charge)

A Journey in Mixed Media
Fri 4th Sept
Tutor: Marilyn Pipe

This fun course is designed to start or increase an interest in using mixed media in unusual and exciting ways, by mastering simple techniques to personalise ones work.
Cost: £40.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)

Dyeing with Confidence
Sat 5th Sept
Tutor: Janice Gunner

Spend the day dabbling and experimenting with some easy dyeing techniques using Procion fibre reactive dyes, disperse dyes and acid dyes. Using a variety of both natural and synthetic fabrics, you will be amazed at the effects that can be achieved quickly with simple methods and basic equipment. You will produce a range of samples for use in your work or as useful reference resource for the future.
Cost: £48.00 (inc £3.00 materials charge)

Hot Textiles
Two Day Workshop Tues 8th Sept - Wed 9th Sept
Tutor: Kim Thittichai
Develop new skills and techniques with irons, heat guns and soldering irons. Experiment with Tyvek, Lutradur, Xandaprint, Bondaweb and so much more. We will create amazing surfaces for stitch which can then be worked into to make boxes, book covers - the choice is yours!
Cost: £92.00 (inc £10.00 materials charge)

Surfaces and Embellishment
Friday 11th Sept - Sat 12th Sept
Tutor: Diane Bates

This workshop offers the opportunity to explore a personal source as a vehicle for generating ideas which can be carried through into a finished piece of stitched textiles around the theme 'Surfacing'. You will need to select one or two words associated with the meaning of 'surfacing'. Imagery used as source material needs to have a connection with those words. You will then be exploring a number of appropriate techniques and processes - for example: distress, distort, shredding, branding, layering, texture etc - as inspired by the original source.
Cost: £80.00 (inc £4.00 materials charge)

Field Study
Friday 18th Sept
Using Procion dyed mono-printing onto fabric
Tutor: Clive Barnett

You might create abstract, or traditional, inspired landscapes. I provide the fabric and mark-making tools, you bring the inspiration from the rural/natural world around you, from pictures or pieces of writing. Each of you, using printing techniques, will re-create vistas and landscapes echoing the rhythm and pattern of man's influence on his surroundings.
Cost: £54.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)
All equipment provided by the tutor.
Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 9

Wax & Screen
Wed 23rd Sept
Tutor: Cherry Vernon-Harcourt

This workshop is designed to give you the opportunity to try different and exciting ways of using Soy Wax and Procion MX dye with cotton fabric. There will be demonstrations of different techniques and you can then experiment for yourself! The idea is to go home with samples of techniques rather than a magnum opus!
Cost: £46.00 (inc £6.00 materials charge)

In Residence
Thurs 10th Sept 10.30 - 4pm
Clare Bullock - Lynda Monk - Sharon Osborne

Drop in any time to see these artists at work in their respective areas - feltmaking, thermofax & printing, mixed media & stitch. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and observe their techniques. These sessions are FREE and there's no need to book.
See also Sat 28th Feb - Sat 9th May - Tues 2nd June - Thurs 9th July - Sat 7th Nov

Stitching Between the Lines
Three Day Workshop Tues 15th to Thurs 17th Sept
Tutor: Julia Triston

Come and explore the design element of 'Line' through inspiring print and stitch techniques. Linear qualities in sources of inspiration will be investigated and a series of striking samples will be created and embellished with hand embroidery and machine stitch.
Cost: £149.00 (inc £3 materials charge)

Inspired by Ben Nicholson
Two Day Workshop Tues 29th Sept - Wed 30th Sept
Tutor: Bobby Britnell

An exciting course which explores mixed media approaches to design using the work of artist Ben Nicholson as the inspirational springboard. The sampling of ideas will be encouraged and documented in a sketchbook with further explorations into fabric and stitch.
Cost: £92.00 (inc £3.00 materials charge)

Seed-heads in Pen and Ink
Friday 9th Oct
Tutor: Jill Winch

Seed-heads are stunning created in pen and ink. In this one day workshop Jill will show you how to produce seed-heads such as poppies, artichokes, sunflowers in pen and ink, using blacks, sepias and coloured inks. All levels welcome.
Cost: £27.00

The Permanent Wave
Two Day Workshop Tues 13th Oct - Wed 14th Oct
Tutor: Siân Martin

Students will create dramatic relief shapes in fabric using the simple Japanese method of steam setting. Tie and stitch into different formations then steam to set into permanent waves and other exciting formations.
Cost: £85.00 (inc £3.00 materials charge)

Abstracted Land
Sketchbook development with mixed media
Two Day Workshop Thurs 15th Oct - Friday 16th Oct
Tutor: Amanda Hislop

A sketchbook development workshop, using drawn lines, resist and colour washes, collage, cutting, tearing and folding techniques, to free up and create expressive sketchbook pages and design ideas for textiles and mixed media, taking an abstracted view of landscape with the option to include hand stitch to further enhance the surface.
Cost: £84.00 (inc £7.00 materials charge)

Abstraction on the Embellisher
Tues 20th Oct
Tutor: Annette Morgan

This is a follow-on workshop from an embellisher workshop in the spring and can be used to further your work, but is also suitable for a one-off workshop. Annette will show you how you can abstract an image, to simplify and create a bold design, and then how to use the embellisher and sewing machine to create small embroidered pieces which can be framed.
Cost: £45.00 (inc £3.00 materials charge)

Just One Sheet
Three Day Workshop Thurs 22nd Oct - Sat 24th Oct
Tutor: Frances Pickering

This course gives a unique opportunity to create a small book and start to fill it. Using just one sheet of fabric for the cover and the page. You will use gesso and some fabric paint, then finish with machine or hand
Cost: £110.00 (inc £4.00 materials charge)

Felt Hats
Tues 27th Oct
Tutor: Clare Bullock

An opportunity to make a stylish seamless hat using merino wools, silks and fabrics for embellishment - a perfect item for your winter wardrobe! Let your imagination run wild and see what you can create. It's very therapeutic and you will be making something totally unique! You can either bring your own equipment and materials or you can purchase a full kit from Clare so you can continue your new found skill at home. Skills learnt on this workshop will enable you to go on to create flat pieces as well as other 3D items on your own, or you could go on to try other workshops.
Cost: £39.00 (inc £6.00 materials charge)

All Wired Up 1
Tutor: Pauline Verrinder

Weds 28th Oct - Thurs 29th Oct
Constructing forms using a combination of wire, fabric, and thread will be the main thrust of the day. Jewellery, various forms, shapes, vessels and installations are all possible in the long term, but we will start small and build. We will be working with wired free machine embroidery and hand stitch techniques. See 'It's a Paradox' below
Cost: £72.00 (inc £5.00 materials change)

Exploring Colour and Dyes
Two Day Workshop Friday 30th Oct - Saturday 31st Oct
Tutor: Maria Boyle

Explore colour and direct dyes. Understand colour theory and dye effects and layer colour onto cloth with dyes, dye pastes, resists and discharge paste. Suitable for all levels of experience.
Cost: £94.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)

Colour, Cut, Stitch
Two Day Workshop Tues 3rd Nov - Wed 4th Nov
Tutor: Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

A new workshop, based on ideas from Alysn's book 'Stitch, Fibre, Metal and Mixed Media'. Create a panel from woven metal cloth, the reflective surface of metal shim and the subtle sheen of silk and iridescent paint and textures in stitch and beads.
Cost: £99.00 (inc £5.00 materials change)

'It's a Paradox'
Exhibition of textile and mixed-media work by Lynda Monk and Pauline Verrinder
'...harmonious in the contradiction of styles'
22nd Sept - 31st Oct

The two workshops 'All Wired Up' 1 & 2 from these two artists perfectly demonstrate the concept of the exhibition. Each will be tackling a similar subject with contrasting but complementary approaches.
See 28th & 29th Oct and 5th & 6th Nov

All Wired Up 2
Two Day Workshop Thurs 5th Nov - Friday 6th Nov
Tutor: Lynda Monk

You will be constructing forms using a combination of designs printed on to Lutradur using Xpandaprint and cotton covered wire. The consructed fabric will then be manipulated into 3D forms vessels or boxes. There will be the opprtunity to experiment with colouring and displaying the finished pieces. See 'It's a Paradox' below , opposite
Cost: £81.00 (inc £10.00 materials charge)

In Residence
Sat 7th Nov 10.00 - 3pm
Clare Bullock - Lynda Monk - Sharon Osborne

Drop in any time to see these artists at work in their respective areas - feltmaking, thermofax & printing, mixed media & stitch. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and observe their techniques. These sessions are FREE and there's no need to book.
See also Sat 28th Feb - Sat 9th May - Tues 2nd June - Thurs 9th July - Thurs 10th Sept

Crazy Collage Fabric
Wed 11th Nov
Tutor: Gina Ferrari
This is a machine embroidery workshop using foot on, teeth up techniques as well as freemachining. Master stitches and control of your machine to produce some fabulously rich collaged surfaces. This is ideal for beginners but challenging enough for those with experience too.
Cost: £36.00

Batik on Tissue Paper
Two Day Workshop Thurs 12th Nov - Fri 13th Nov
Tutor: Jenny O'Leary

An exciting and experimental course working with the traditional technique of Batik, which uses hot wax as a resist, but using non-traditional materials - bleach, inks and tissue paper. The technique allows great opportunities for further development, and can be addictive!
Cost: £85.00 (inc £6.00 materials charge)

Colour, Dye and Stitch
Three Day Workshop Tues 17th to Thurs 19th Nov
Tutor: Ruth Issett

What makes colour sing? What makes people feel invigorated when viewing rich and beautiful colourful combinations? Come and experience some beautiful colour palettes using simple and accessible dyeing methods to create subtle as well as vibrant colours. Use these dyed fabrics in hand stitched compositions, building layers of fabric and stitch together to create either simple or complex pieces.
Cost: £140.00 (inc £18.00 materials charge)

Stitched Fabrics for Felt Making
Two Day Workshop Wed 2nd Dec - Thurs 3rd Dec
Tutor: Jeanette Appleton

Enjoy the surprises in the transformation of fabrics and hand stitched marks at each stage of the felt making process. You will consider the contrasts of surface and density in the various stitch types and threads.
Cost £115.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)
Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 10

Kantha and Colour
Two Day Workshop Friday 4th Dec - Sat 5th Dec
Tutor: Dorothy Tucker

Kantha is a form of embroidered quilting, made in what was Bengal, from the good parts of old worn out sari. For a contemporary take on Kantha, you will be stitching patterns and grids into layers of soft, coloured cotton fabrics which will create exciting colour changes and textures.
Cost: 79.00

Tyvek Box
Two Day Workshop Tues 8th Dec - Wed 9th Dec
Tutor: Kim Thittichai

Tyvek has to be one of the most exciting products for textiles artists. By layering Tyvek with organza, machine stitching and then zapping with a heat gun, you will create remarkable textures and surfaces that are firm enough to make boxes or sculptural forms. Come and play!
Cost: £87.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)

December Gathering
Fri 11th and Sat 12th Dec

We've got the dates for a Christmas 'Gathering' in the diary, but who wants to think about the arrangements for next Christmas when we're just getting over the last one! Mark the dates down and we'll give you the details nearer the time - much nearer!!

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