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Siân Martin offers a variety of learning opportunities:-
  • Workshops for your local group. All workshops will enable participants to explore creative ideas through embroidery techniques lasting one or two days. You can read about ideas of possible workshop topics by clicking here or you can contact Siân to discuss your individual requirements.

  • Illustrated Lectures for your regional event or local group. Siân is happy to include a brief demonstration as part of her talk. To discuss topics please contact Siân.

  • Online Courses with Distant Stitch. Learn and develop your skills by enrolling on a Distant Stitch course. Siân tutors Certificate and Diploma Courses in Embroidery and designing skills. There is the option of registering with City and Guilds. If you'd like details of these Courses, please look at the website - Distant Stitch. You can use the 'Contact Us' button for enquiries or use the details below. Two exciting offers -
    o Download a FREE Embroidery Project to make a colourful stitched bag.
    o Join our Summer School event in July and be inspired for the rest of the year!

  • Residential Masterclass weekends that meet three times a year near Bath. If you have some experience and want to develop your work with like-minded people, this small class will offer you individual support and development opportunities.
Interested? Please email or phone 01278 652089.

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For further details, call Liz on 0033 5 65 31 88 51

Art Van Go


Scratch the Surface Wed 4th June
Tutor: Vanda Campbell

Explore ways of working directly in your sketchbooks, combining collage, textures and mixed media for exciting results. Suitable for both textile artists and watercolour
Cost: £39.00

With so many commitments, Gwen Hedley is very difficult to book for a workshop but as this is a special year for us, she squeezed us in! Thank you so much Gwen!
Textile and Paper: Cut, Fold, Roll, Patch, Piece
Two Day Workshop
Tutor: Gwen Hedley Fri 6th June & Sat 7th June

Using paper, fabrics and mixed media, students will create exciting relief surfaces and fragments. You can expect to build a workbook full of samples and ideas for both 2D and 3D pieces, and inspiration for further work. Suitable for all levels of experience.
Cost: £79.00

Creating Original Designs Tues 10th June
Two Day Workshop Wed 11th June
Tutor: Kim Thittichai

Take a journey, imaginary or otherwise and learn how to create your own designs and printing blocks. You will leave with several designs and printing blocks ready to start on your next masterpiece.
Cost: £89.00 (inc £7.00 materials charge)

Exploration of 'Mark Making' using Discharge-printing
Stitching & Over-Printing
Two Day Workshop Thurs 12th June & Thurs 19th June
Tutor: Clive Barnett

This workshop will give you the opportunity to learn how to discharge print to create a printed surface, for use in a variety of textile settings. This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to create layers of printed marks, stitched designs, and overprinting on the stitched marks creating a textured surface to your fabric samples. First learn about and apply 'discharge printing' techniques to cloth to develop your own 'marks', explore imagery and printed textured patterns. After hand or machine stitching into or over the previously printed fabric samples you will then either colour print or further discharge print the samples, creating surface layers of colour and texture.
Cost: £86.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)
All equipment provided by the tutor.
Numbers will be limited to a maximum 9

This is not a workshop, it is a version of the 'In Residence' sessions, so no booking required, and no charge - just come along!
Thermofax Day
Sat 14th June 10.30 - 4pm
Lynda Monk

A drop-in session with Lynda Monk to unravel some of the mysteries of Thermofax screens. How are they made? How are they used? How do you look after them? All the questions will be answered by Lynda during the day. As well as the demonstrations and explanations there will be the opportunity to buy some of Lynda's Thermofax screens, or to have your own designs created into screens. Pop in and see what's happening!
No need to book, and there is no charge for the day although there will be a charge for any screens you have made.

Siân Martin is an internationally renowned textile artist and member of three influential contemporary professional textile groups. In 1991 she also founded the successful online textile school 'Distant Stitch' which thrives today. Siâ n was recently one of the six featured artists in the new d4daisy book 'Approaches to Stitch' edited by Maggie Grey. This workshop is based on that feature. Turning to the Bottle
Two Day Workshop Tues 17th June & Wed 18th June
Tutor: Siân Martin

Explore 'stitching in air', using wire, paper pulp and stitch which can be developed in many directions. Extend your textile ideas and enjoy experimenting with unconventional materials. Create a still life of stitched wire shapes.
Cost: £95.00 (inc £6.00 materials charge)

Real Leaves Eco Prints on Fabric
Two Day Workshop Fri 20th June & Sat 21st June
Tutor: Jenny Leslie

Using techniques from India Flints workshops (author of books such as 'Second Skin' and 'Eco Colour' see you will learn how to use natural leaves gathered from your garden and countryside around you to make beautiful naturally dyed cloth.
Cost: £65.00 (inc £4.00 materials charge)

Contemporary Textured Printmaking
Two Day Workshop Tues 24th June & Tues 1st July
Tutor: Kim Major George

There has been a renewal of interest in printmaking within many creative courses and with mixed media students. Many are finding the diversity in mark-making, and its ability to mix with their experiences with textiles, a wonderful adventure. Kim is an experienced printmaker/artist with endless enthusiasm for the subject of texture in all its glory. She will teach you how to create rich embossed printing plates with simple materials such as wallpaper, card, sandpaper, scrim, tin-ware, melted plastic and polyfiller. This is also an opportunity to incorporate your textile samples within this exciting printmaking course, adding the diversity of the stitched mark to the print process. Suitable for all abilities and no experience in printmaking needed.
Cost: £95.00 (inc £10.00 materials charge)
To allow for preparation time of print-plates this two-day workshop is spread over two weeks. Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 9

Ruth is back!!! After an absence of more than a year when she has been rushing around teaching all over the place, Ruth is back presenting this wonderful workshop.
Summer School
Flourishes of Floral Colour
using Fabric and Stitch
Wed 25th June - Sat 28th June
Four Day Workshop
Tutor: Ruth Issett

Reflect the colourful exuberance of summer by creating a florid concoction of dyed fabrics. Combine these with delicate print, enhance with overlays of delicate silks, flimsy chiffons and vivid cottons to create a sumptuous reflection of a herbaceous border in high summer. Add some stitch, embellish with threads and leave with something to treasure!
Cost: £166.00 (inc £18.00 materials charge)
Materials charge includes a selection of fabrics

Feltmaking for Beginners
Wed 2nd July
Tutor: Clare Bullock

If you enjoy hands on crafts then come along and learn the foundation skills of Feltmaking. This course will show you how to lay out wool fibres to create a truly lovely piece of even felt to give you a taste of what can be done and hopefully give you the drive to want to explore and expand your skills. Cost: £35.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)
If required, there will be a charge of £8.00 for a bamboo blind

Val Button is new to teaching at Art Van Go but many of you will know her as the Kendal's picture framer, working here on Saturdays. Val studied at the London College of Fashion and her career has been as a Costume Designer and Maker, and AntiqueTextile Restorer, so she will bring her knowledge of cloth, style and form to this one day workshop.
Hardened Fabric Forms Thurs 3rd July
Tutor: Val Button

This workshop will take you through several techniques highlighting the uses of 'Powertex Transparent' fabric hardener, a waterbased liquid sculpting medium that dries to a clear matt hard finish on fabric while still retaining the visual characteristics of that fabric. First you will concentrate on a simple form, then move onto a multi-draped figure which will exploit the different characteristics of a range of fabrics and finally, if time allows, experiment with textile piece of your own. The exercises and processes involved will enable you to consider the huge potential of the fabric hardener within your own future work.
Cost: £36.00 (inc £10.00 materials charge)

Summer School
Papermaking for Textile Artists
Tues 8th July - Fri 11th July
Four Day Workshop
Tutor: Jonathan Korejko

This four day workshop offers an indulgent opportunity to really submerge yourself in the art of papermaking. Particularly suited to textile artists, you will learn how cotton fabric, linen, hessian, silk and felt can be recycled and used to make beautiful paper Jonathan's papermaking workshop are always intensive, fun, and very creative, but the extended time available on this course will enable you to experiment further and to find your own way with papermaking, to suit your own work.
Cost: £190.00 (inc £19.00 materials charge)
Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 9

Summer School
Tints and Tones in Felt Making
Tues 15th July - Fri 18th July
Four Day Workshop Tutor: Jeanette Appleton

Discover the qualities of colour by exploring the contrasts of tints and tones during the felt making process, also by mixing and layering dyed merino wool and bonding various open weave fabrics to the surface. Sampling colour contrasts and compositional ideas for future one off textiles, interior or fashion items.
Cost: £238.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)
Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 10

Bound to be Bookmaking
Wed 23rd July
Tutor: Pauline Verrinder

If you have always wanted to be able to create your own notebooks, journals or sketchbooks - this is the right workshop for you. Spend the day exploring the skills required to make simple contemporary book structures. Books created will have a professional finish, using unusual materials and displaying a unique twist and originality. This workshop will appeal to anyone interested in craft and in particular textiles.
Cost: £38.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)

Alysn now lives with her family in New Zealand but we are lucky enough to grab her twice for workshops in this programme. Not only that, but this wokshop coincides with her exhibition entitled 'New and Recent Work' which will be showing in our gallery.
Textures and Memories
Two Day Workshop Thurs 24th July & Fri 25th July
Tutor: Alysn Midgelow Marsden

Based on the techniques and designs of her 'Beaches of north New Zealand' series, translate your favourite scene into a textile memory. Bring out the textures and details that your mind remembers but which photographs just can't do justice to. You can recall the colours, the smells, textures and small details, as well as the overall view so much more interestingly than the camera alone. Using designs which transfer both detailed and distant viewpoints of your scene onto fabric, use image transfer techniques and add textures and forms in sheers, felting and burning techniques, stitching and beading. You will be led to an assembled piece which is a personal reminder of a favourite scene.
Cost: £95.00 (inc £4.00 materials charge)

Exploring Thermofax Screens
Two Day Workshop Wed 30th July & Thurs 31st July
Tutor: Lynda Monk

Lots of people think that printing on fabric with fabric dye is the only way to use a Thermofax screen. In this workshop you will explore several different ways of using a screen. You will also be making screens to your own designs, using pencils and ink as well as photocopies and, of course, the Thermofax machine.
Cost: £81.00 (inc £15.00 materials charge)

Flowers in Pen and Wash
Fri 8th Aug
Tutor: Jill Winch

A different and fun way to paint flowers using pen and ink to create smooth silky tones. Jill will demonstrate how to create a different more dramatic look to your painting using pens and brushes.
Cost: £28.00 (inc £3.00 materials charge)

Summer School
Up Close in Detail...
Abstract from Elements within the Landscape
Wed 13th Aug - Sat 16th Aug
Four Day Workshop
Tutor: Amanda Hislop

Look up close in detail; take fragmented elements of the landscape as an abstracted source to inspire and develop ideas. Through intuitive creative sampling, working with paper, fabric, and colour you will create tactile surfaces to develop with expressive free machine stitch.
Cost: £160.00 (inc £10.00 materials charge)

Summer School
Black and White Editions
Tues 19th Aug - Fri 22nd Aug
Four Day Workshop

This year we will use shades of black and white to make books based around poets or prose and poetry. We will use a variety of techniques and materials to make striking stitched surfaces using printed fabrics. You can use these to make a book. Alternatively, you might choose to fill a sketch book with your ideas, samples and experiments.
Cost: £168.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)

The two Alice Fox workshops we have already held here at Art Van Go have been so enthusiastically received, (the air of excitement when it comes to unwrapping the little rusting parcels is just like children on Christmas morning!) that we immediately wanted to offer an extended workshop. This is it!
Summer School
Lost and Found
Experimental mark making and stitch with found objects
Wed 27th Aug - Sat 30th Aug
Four Day Workshop
Tutor: Alice Fox

Taking an experimental approach you will be working with a range of found objects to explore the possibilities for mark making, dyeing and stitch. You will learn about the potential for using found rusty objects for printing and dyeing on paper and fabric.These samples will then form the basis for further work in collage and experimental stitch. Explore different ways of joining, patching, marking and embellishing.Students will work towards a hand made 'sample book' or a finished textile piece using the various techniques explored.
Cost: £160.00 (inc £7.00 materials charge)

Transforming Transfer
Three Day Workshop Tues 2nd to Thurs 4th Sept
Tutor: Kim Thittichai

Discover the joys of layering techniques. We will be working mostly with synthetic fabrics and transfer paints (disperse dyes). Learn how to use disperse dyes/transfer paints to create beautiful effects and then use heat tools to distress and work into your fabrics. This course would be suitable for anyone wishing to develop layered, stitched surfaces. You will have time to create a range of 2 and 3 dimensional samples to develop at a later date.
Cost: £130.00 (inc £3.00 materials charge)

Another regular workshop from Janice but 'a must' for anyone wanting to know more about dyeing, and especially those new to dyeing and wanting to know where to start.
Dyeing with Confidence
Tues 9th Sept
A Dyeing Dabble Day
Tutor: Janice Gunner

Spend the day dabbling and experimenting with some easy dyeing techniques using Procion fibre reactive dyes, disperse dyes and acid dyes. Using a variety of both natural and synthetic fabrics, you will be amazed at the effects that can be achieved quickly with simple methods and basic equipment. You will produce a range of samples for use in your work or as useful reference resource for the future.
Cost: £48.00 (inc £3.00 materials charge)

Susan Stuart and Carol Cann are two of the artists involved with the 'In Parallel' exhibition held here in June. These two workshops will reflect some of the work that was seen there. First of all Susan Stuart, who has recently been working primarily with print, is presenting this inspirational workshop.
Big and Bold and NOT Lino
Fri 12th Sept
Printmaking Workshop
Tutor: Susan Stuart

Create vibrant multi-coloured elimination prints. No previous printmaking skills are required; it is a perfect introduction to printmaking. Bring your own, 'inspiring', drawing or photograph or just work intuitively on the day. Do not expect your print to contain anything but an exciting essence of your original.
Cost: £32.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)

Carol has long been established as a doyenne of water-soluble-film stitch techniques. Here she will be showing you something of how she creates her beautiful, intricate, lacy panels, hangings and accessories.
Poetic Lace
Sat 13th Sept
Tutor: Carol Cann

Take your favourite poem and immortalize it in a lacy fabric for framing or soft hanging or wearing, using water soluble film, threads, other embellishments and your imagination. Sewing machine, darning foot and familiarity with your machine essential.
Cost: £28.00

Julia Triston is best know for the stitch school 'Stitchbusiness' (run from her studio in Durham with Tracey Franklin) and for her 'bra-ra-dresses' series, one of which she famously wore on the Fourth Plinth in 2009. Since then her book 'How to be Creative in Textile Art' was published by Batsford.
Creative Contemporary Appliqué
Two Day Workshop Tues 16th & Wed 17th Sept
Tutor: Julia Triston

Come and create contemporary appliquéd surfaces. Bond, patch, piece, layer and collage recycled fabrics with mixed media to build exciting textural textiles!
Cost: £89.00 (inc £3.00 materials charge)

Mixed Media Mixture
Thurs 18th Sept
Tutor: Lynda Monk

Come and spend the day creating as many mixed media techniques as we can fit in! We will sample the basic techniques along with discussions of ideas and suggestions on how to take them further. A veritable play day!
Cost: £43.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)

We're delighted that Edwina MacKinnon has been able to fit us into her schedule for her first visit here!
Making Marks, Making Stitches
Two Day Workshop Fri 19th & Sat 20th Sept
Tutor: Edwina MacKinnon

Designing for the terrified! If the 'D' word frightens you then this 2 day workshop could reduce the fear dramatically! Come along and have fun discovering how to use simple techniques to produce original designs for own stitched textiles.
Cost: £89.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)

One of Angie's favourite surfaces is velvet and she presented her 'Exploring Velvet' workshop for us in September last year. That workshop was such a huge hit that Angie has revisited the subject again but this time giving it a twist. It is suitable for anyone discovering the subject for the first time, as well as those who have attended the previous workshop.
Further Explorations in Velvet
Two Day Workshop Wed 24th & Thurs 25th Sept
Tutor: Angie Hughes

This workshop will further explore the effects achieved on velvet with dyes, inks and bleaching back, together with transfoils, glitters and Lumiere paint. In addition you will also explore other mixed media techniques using image transfer, paperclay, household filler and embossing powders. The whole work will then be topped off with hand and machine embroidery.
Cost: £85.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)

In Residence
Sat 27th Sept 10.30 - 3pm
Clare Bullock - Lynda Monk - Sharon Osborne

Drop in any time to see these artists at work in their respective areas - feltmaking; thermofax & printing; mixed media & stitch; and feltmaking. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and observe their techniques. These sessions are FREE and there's no need to book.
See also Thurs 13th May, Sat 12th April, Sat 29th Nov

Forms and Structures
Two Day Workshop Tues 30th Sep & Wed 1st Oct
Tutor: Bobby Britnell

This course will focus on methods of creating 3 dimensional structures using mixed media approaches. Students will be introduced to techniques of creating new surfaces with which to build these experimental forms and structures. We will look at ideas from artists that work in 3 dimensions to inspire this method of working as well as exploring everyday artefacts and our immediate surrounds.
Cost: £89.00 (inc £3.00 materials charge)

Creative Fabric Colouration
Wed 15th Oct
Tutor: Pauline Verrinder

During this workshop we will be experimenting with quick and simple ways that we can colour small amounts of fabric. Some of the techniques covered will include fabric dyeing, crystal printing, simple shibori, transfer painting, and painted Bondaweb. All basic methods being extended where possible. Ideally suited to beginners and those who want to extend their repertoire or be reminded of techniques and how to develop them.
Cost: £37.00 (inc £4.00 materials charge)

Love Your Sketchbooks
Thurs 16th Oct
Tutor: Vanda Campbell

Suitable for both fine and textile artists, this workshop will focus on experimenting and exploring new ideas and techniques. Topics covered will include mixed media, quick pencil sketches, collages and montages, and there will be plenty of hints and tips showing you how to enjoy working effectively in your sketchbooks.
Cost: £39.00

We feel incredibly privileged and honoured to be able to host a small part of the wonderful retrospective exhibition of the work of Margaret Nicholson as seen last year at the Knitting & Stitching shows. The original exhibition, to celebrate the centenary of Margaret Nicholson's birth, was curated by her daughter, Anthea Godfrey. Also an icon within the world of embroidery and fashion, Anthea dedicated nearly two years of her time to painstakingly restore and display her mother's work, making the inspirational exhibition possible.
To coincide with this exhibition Anthea Godfrey is presenting an evening talk and a workshop.
The Life and Work of Margaret Nicholson, 1913-2006
An Icon of Stitch
A Soirée
Fri 17th Oct at 7pm
Presented by Anthea Godfrey

In this illustrated talk Anthea Godfrey will tell the story of her mother's life and work from her early creative background, through art college, designing and teaching to becoming the inspiration and role-model for so many artists and embroiderers, from her contemporaries to the modern day. The Margaret Nicholson biographical video will be shown as well as actual examples of her timeless drawings and designs; Or Nué and hand-beading.
Cost: £5.00, Includes refreshments.

Hand-Beaded Necklace
Sat 18th Oct
Tutor: Anthea Godfrey

Two of Margaret Nicholson's great passions were hand-beading (derived from haute couture) and Or Nué. Her daughter, Anthea Godfrey has continued in these skilful textile artforms. This one-day workshop will give you a rare opportunity to be shown some of the specialist techniques that were used in Margaret Nicholsonís staggeringly beautiful hand-beaded necklaces. First of all you will be taught how to dye your own beads using bead-dye. Then, on a pre-prepared frame that you will be given, Anthea will show you how to prepare the foundation and start to hand-bead your necklace. You will learn various techniques and see the structure and design evolve in your work. At the end of the day you will have enough knowledge to be able to complete the necklace. in your own time. Anthea will also show you finishing techniques.
Cost: £38.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)

Two Day Workshop Tues 21 & Wed 22nd Oct
Tutor: Diane Bates

This workshop offers the opportunity to explore a personal source as a vehicle for generating ideas which can be carried through into a finished piece of stitched textiles around the theme 'Surfacing'. You will need to select one or two words associated with the meaning of 'surfacing'. Imagery used as source material needs to have a connection with those words. You will then be exploring a number of appropriate techniques and processes, for example: distress, distort, shredding, branding, layering, texture etc - as inspired by the original source.
Cost: £80.00 (inc £4.00 materials charge)

Textured Treasures
Two Day Workshop Thurs 23 & Fri 24th Oct
Tutor: Frances Pickering

Make a book with a rich textured cover and an antique look. Combine fabric and lace with montage effects using all sorts of printed and hand written ephemera. Finished mainly by machine, but also with a touch of hand stitch.
Cost: £85.00 (inc £4.00 materials charge)

Exploration of Discharge 'Mark-Making' and Stitchwork
Tutor: Clive Barnett
Wed 29th Oct

This workshop will give you the opportunity to learn how to discharge-print on dark coloured fabric to create a printed surface, for use in a variety of textile settings. You will learn discharge printing techniques to show you how to develop your own printed 'mark making', explore imagery and textured patterns that can be used as a base for further fabric printing or stitch work. Then you will apply simple hand stitch work onto or over the discharged printed fabric, creating pattern and texture to the cloth. We will be exploring the 'Kantha' stitch and how it can be used to complement or contrast with your discharged printed fabric samples.
Cost: £48.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)
All equipment provided by the tutor
Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 9

The Poetry of Decay: Exploring Surface and Texture
Two Day Workshop Thurs 30th & Fri 31st Oct
Tutor: Jo Lovelock

Using the often unappreciated beauty of decaying surfaces as inspiration, experiment with a variety of mixed media techniques to create a range of contrasting surfaces on paper. Further develop these into compositions or explore ways of translating your ideas to fabric.
Cost: £85.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)

Painting with Fibres
Tues 4th Nov
Tutor: Clare Bullock

Come along for a fun filled day to learn the skills and techniques required to create a multi layered piece of felted art incorporating the use of pre-felts. The finished piece will be a well-finished wool fabric that could be used purely as a decorative piece, or will be substantial enough to be taken further into a functonal item such as a bag or a cushion.
Cost: £35.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)
If required, there will be a charge of £8.00 for a bamboo blind

Glitz & Glisten
Wed 5th Nov
Tutor: Jo Mabbutt

A Metallics and Iridescents Fest! Work with glitzy real metal leaf & metallic transfer foil and glistening metallic & iridescent powders. Experiment, print & stencil on paper and other bases and build up patterns and designs that could be further embellished or used for Christmas projects.
Cost: £35.00 (inc £7.00 materials charge)

What if. . .? ways of Working with Mixed Media and Stitch
Two Day Workshop Thurs 6th & Fri 7th Nov
Tutor: Amanda Hislop

What if and why not? let your work grow and unfold in an exploratory workshop creating surfaces for stitched textiles and mixed media. Working with fabric, paper, and a restricted colour palette explore expressive mark making as a means to generate exciting imagery to develop into textile and mixed media work.
Cost: £85.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)

Reclaimed Papers!
Two Day Workshop Tues 11th & Wed 12th Nov
Tutor: Kim Thittichai

This workshop discovers and develops the redemptive qualities of old newspapers. Create fascinating surfaces on which to print and stitch. Using painted Bondaweb, gilding flake, print and stitch we will explore the possibilities of layering textures to end up with firm pieces of work that can be used to make boxes and vessels and demonstrate the striking contrasts of the media.
Cost: £87.00 (inc £5.00 materials charge)

Explosions of Colour using Paper and Collage
Two day workshop Fri 14th & Sat 15th Nov
Tutor: Ruth Issett

Enter the exciting world of cutting and tearing using glorious coloured paper surfaces to create rich and exotic collages. You will colour, feel and manipulate papers, using them in a variety of ways to express visual ideas. Be prepared to use your fingers, to get good & sticky while immersing yourself in a glorious pool of colour!
Cost: £94.00 (inc £7.00 materials charge)

Christmas Card Design with Botanical Painting
Tutor: Jill Winch
Fri 21st Nov

Impress your friends and family by sending them a Christmas card using your own painting. In this one day workshop Jill will give you ideas and suggestions for a design.
Cost: £27.00 (inc £2.00 materials charge)

Personal Statements
Two Day Workshop Thurs 27th & Fri 28th Nov
Tutor: Alysn Midgelow Marsden

Who hasn't got favourite phrases, sayings and quotations which stick with you and remind you of someone or make a pertinent statement to you? Some might be famous whilst others are personal or family sayings. Combining one of these phrases with a simple version of the Korean pojaki technique to make translucent patchwork cloths will create an ethereal textile with a personal message or statement. In this workshop you will create painted, printed, embossed and textured metal cloths, and take one or even a part of your quote and stitch it onto metal cloth and lutradur. The individual cloths you have created will be assembled into a panel and finished with the careful placement of beads, buttons, stitch or other edgings.
Cost: £99.00 (inc £8.00 materials charge)

In Residence
Sat 29th Nov 10.30 - 3pm
Clare Bullock - Lynda Monk - Sharon Osborne

Drop in any time to see these artists at work in their respective areas: feltmaking; thermofax & printing; mixed media & stitch; and feltmaking. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and observe their techniques. These sessions are FREE and there's no need to book.
See also Sat 12th April, Thurs 13th May, Sat 27th Sept

Piecing and Patching in Felt Making
Two Day Workshop Tues 2nd & Wed 3rd Dec
Tutor: Jeanette Appleton

Reconstructing felt by collage and stitch, using appliqué and patchwork techniques. Exploring the potential of the left over bits and pieces of finished felt or prefelts and how they can be transformed into new designs. Sampling various felted structures and pattern ideas for future one off art works, interior or fashion items.
Cost: £117.00 (inc £7.00 materials charge)
Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 10

That's it for now but watch out for more!
There were so many workshops we wanted to have during our Birthday Year we just couldn't fit any more in - bit like trying to fit a quart into a pint pot, so we've spilled over into 2015!
That part will have to be published a little later.....

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