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Products reviewed in past issues

March 2017

Isobel Moore
A Riot of Colour
Paper, Fabric, Stitch and Beads
Chloe Redfern
Pusing up Daisies
Wildflowers Embroidery
Wen Redmond
Seeing Double
Holographic Fiber Imagery
Brenda Parsons
Annus Mirabilis
Getting Organised
Angela Tigwell
Hot Ribbons
A Riot of Colour
Julia Triston
Fractured Fragments
Identity in Textile Art
Maria Thomas
Pick a Pocket or Two!
Embroidery with Fabric Appliqué
Sam Packer
Profile on Hand and Lock
Celebrity Interview with
Anthea Godfrey
June 2017

Maggie Grey
Following Through
Variations on a Theme
Suzette Smart
The Early Bird
Collage with Machine Embroidery
Paula Watkins
Limits? No Limits!
The Boundless Choices of Colour
Leisa Rich
Working up a Head of Steam
Fabulous Fosshape Part 1
Rosalind Varrie
Not to be Sniffed at
Tissue Textures
Anne Griffiths
Turning Japanese
Making Miniature Kimono
Consuelo Simpson
Sticking Around
Twigs, Sticks and Found Objects
Maggie Grey
Stitch and Learn
Celebrity Interview with
Ruth Issett
September 2017

Greta Fitchett
Carved in Stone
Leisa Rich
Working up a Head of Steam
Fabulous Fosshape Part 2
Maggie Grey
A Sketch in Time
Ruth Norbury
Autumn Leaves
Burning a Bowl
Paula Watkins
Limits? No Limits!
The Boundless Choices of Colour Part 2
Jane Dunnewold
Embracing Your Art
Bring on the Rebel and Play with a Purpose
Carol Wiebe
Not Your Typical Embroidery
Part 1
Els van Baarle
The Joy of Screenprinting
Celebrity Interview with
Lynda Monk

March 2016

Rob Jones
Shibori Scarves
Itajime clamp resist Shibori
Sally Baldwin
Pretty Petals
Decorative flower bowls
Gillian Cooper
Stand To Attention!
A mixed media approach to textile design
Jo Hyam
Landscape 1 : A Sticky Situation
Machine embroidery with soluble film
Nodeen Salmon
Landscape 2 : A Woodland Carpet
Woods in the spring
Maggie Grey
Prisme Perfectus Part 1
Working with Prisme paints
Maggie Grey
Prisme Perfectus Part 2
Working with Prisme paints
Stephanie Redfern
Natural Histories
A paper and fabric hand-stitched picture
Celebrity Interview with
Sarah Campbell
June 2016

Pauline Verrinder
Wire To Form
Sculpting with felt and stitch
Sam Packer
Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty
Using sand texture gel
Naomi Beevers
Flights Of Fancy
3D fabric needle-felted birds
Amanda Hislop
White Horses
Embroidered seascapes worked in mixed media
Nikki Jones
Rameses The Evil Ram
Unleash the beast!
Kathryn Harmer-Fox
Bring Me Sunshine
Sunflower art cushion
Annette Morgan
Heavy Handed
Machine embroidered pictures
Arlene Shawcross
Summer Blooms
Flowers in padded and raised work on velvet
Celebrity Interview
Janet Bolton
September 2016

Anne Kelly
Scandi Lover
Making a folk hanging
Adele Thomas
Any Old Iron?
Rust dyeing on natural fabrics
Amanda House
Forest Floor
Making a mixed-media fabric
Christine Chester
The No-Excuses Book
Create your own sketchbook
Mandy Pattullo
Mutual Friend
A Jenny Wren collage
Fran Holmes
Autumn Angst
Making distressed leaves
Els van Baarle
Waxing Lyrical
Working with wax on paper
Brenda Parsons
Garden In The Sky
Stitched paper collage
Celebrity Interview
India Flint
December 2016

Lesley Patterson-Marx
Match Point
A book within a matchbox
Maggie Grey
You Killed A What?
A saintly inspiration part 1
Maggie Grey
You Killed A What?
A saintly inspiration part 2
Angie Hughes
From The Shore To The Sea
Mixed-media and stitch
Ro Bruhn
Cottage Obsession
Countryside collage
Claire Muir
Embroidered Lace Mask
Making distressed leaves
Nodeen Salmon
Klimt-inspired Doodle Woman
Machine embroidery
Ines Seidel
Changing The News
Creating patterns with paper shapes
Opus Anglicanum
The Inside Story

March 2015

Ann Small
Dem Bones!
Beguiling bone characters
Hilary Beattie
Gelliping - What's It All About?
The Art of Gelli Printing
Alysn Midgelow-Marsden
Outline for Success
A design overview
Kate Crossley
Making An Impression Part 1
Creating three-dimensional objects
Kate Crossley
Making An Impression Part 2
Creating three-dimensional objects
Mike Fitchett
All Aboard! Part 1
Vintage railway poster quilt
Pauline Barnes
Make Do And Sample
Using samples in textile art
Maggie Grey
Stitch Up A Diary
Working with photographs
Spotlight on
Chloe Redfern
June 2015

Siân Martin
Penny's Flower
Making a loopy flower
Maggie Grey
No Sows' Ears Were Damaged
Silk purses with carrier rods and shim
Juliette Orton
Doing The Stitch 'n' Rip
Mixed media machine embroidery with paper
Jo Beattie
A Different View
Designing without fear
Ruth Singer
In The Shadows
Textiles and transparency - Shadow Appliqué
Chloe Redfern
Get Back In Your Box
Creating small-scale artwork for box frames
Elizabeth Saunders
Bag It Up
Mark-making for layered images
Mike Fitchett
All Aboard! Part 2
Vintage railway poster quilt
Celebrity Interview
Lindsay Taylor
September 2015

Ann Small
A Real Gem
Gem-setting in mixed media art
Lynda Monk
Lacy Leaves And Seed Pods
Thermofax techniques with Lutradur and Xpandaprint
Alice Fox
Turning Over An Old Leaf
Leaf stitching
Judy Joiner
The Ripple Effect
Beaded Shibori Silk ribbon bracelet
Helen Terry
A Page A Day
Forty days of mark making
Juliette Orton
Down To The Wire
Mini wire sculpture workshop
Gabi Mett and Judith Mundwiler
A Close Shave
Innovative printing techniques
Annette Morgan
Embellish Your Woodland
Working with the embellisher
Celebrity Interview
Michele Carragher
December 2015

Chris Gray
The Kala Page
Sketchbook to fabric art book
Anne Kelly
The Tree of Life
Inspired by folk art trees
Maggie Grey
Delicious Decay
Distressing techniques for textiles
Adele Thomas
Glorious Garden Postcards
A creative approach to canvas embroidery
Greta Fitchett
Reflections and Distortions
Quilted Cityscapes
Sarah Waters
Wrap Up Your Troubles
Making a felt collar
Julia Jowett
'Tis The Season
Embroidered festive garland
Linda Rudkin
Beside The Seaside
Sculpting with silk paper
Celebrity Interview
Joan Fisher

March 2014

Sherrill Kahn
Scrape, Layer And Wax
Exploring using cold wax techniques
Gina Ferrari
Graffiti Doodles
A free machining workshop
Ineke Berlyn
The Human Shape
Sketchbooks and journal quilts
Maggie Grey
Mag's Rags Part 1
Using up your wipes
Maggie Grey
Mag's Rags Part 2
The background
Adeline Schwab
Hand-embroidered Miniature Calla Flower
Silk and wire embroidery work
Anne Kelly
And Bend And Stretch and Bend ...
Folding books for textile artists
Coral Lewis
A Pressing Matter
Flower press printing /> Celebrity Interview
Lesley Patterson-Marx
June 2014

Annette Morgan
Surface To Surface
Image transfer and mixed media collage
Juliette Orton
Layer Upon Layer
A 3D mixed-media landscape
Gina Ferrari
Stitched Miniatures Part 2
Free machining workshop
Sue Bleiweiss
Sketchbook Joy
Making colourful sketchbooks
Ruth Singer
Depths In Layers
Scanning collage
Dale Rollerson
Cloth Creations
Little works of art
Bridget Harris
A Mother's Love
Hardback concertina books
Paula Watkins
Remarkable Resin Part 1
Using resin for mixed media and jewellery
Celebrity Interview
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
September 2014

Susan Syddall
Birds On A Wire
Machine stitch on paper using brusho - and inspiration
Maggie Grey
Cutting It Fine
Techniques for cutting machines
Nicky Dillerstone
Tin Can Alley
Creating miniature worlds
Lesley Paterson-Marx
Jumping Through Hoops
Silkscreen printing
Paula Watkins
Remarkable Resin Part 2
Using coloured resin for mixed media work
The WoW Team
The Purposeful Sketchbook
What your sketchbook can do for you
Jane Robinson
Fossil Rock Part 1
A 3D manipulated goldwork piece
Jane Robinson
Fossil Rock Part 2
A 3D manipulated goldwork piece
Celebrity Interview
Annabel Rainbow
December 2014

Samantha Packer
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
A snow paint collar
Sketchathon Auction
In aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust
A bevy of books
Kate Crossley
A Box of Delights
Creating a curiosity box
Maggie Grey
Fluid Design
The Art of integration part 1
Maggie Grey
Fluid Design
The Art of integration part 2
Linda Burgess
Beautiful Birch Tree Cushions
Gelli plate printing on fabric
Elizabeth Saunders
A Cut Above
Making a scissor keeper
Lesley Patterson-Marx
Jumping Through Hoops Part 2
Exposed spine binding for fabric-covered book
Celebrity Interview
Mr Finch

March 2013

Jackie Cardy
Inspirations For Felted Embroidery Part 1
Making the felt
Jackie Cardy
Inspirations For Felted Embroidery Part 2
Making watercolour felt
Maria Walker
Collage, Scan, Stitch
Revisiting the family album
Samantha Packer and Paula Watkins
Perfect for Texture
Embossing powder techniques
Maggie Grey
Three Into One
A WoW challenge
Stephanie Redfern
Five Flowers
Creative recycling
Jill Tattersall
Embrace The Unexpected
Mixed media botanicals
Maggie Ayres
Soft Cell
Exploring mixed media sculpture
Sara Shinton
A Knitted Garnish - Part One
Making and Using Strip Knitting Techniques
June 2013

Bobby Britnell
Honesty In Design
Flowers as inspirations for stitched textiles
C June Barnes
Let There Be Light
Exploring dimension and illumination
Sherrill Kahn
Layers Of Print
Thermofax printing techniques
Nicky Perryman
Covering The Ground - Part 1
Bokhara couching
Nicky Perryman
Covering The Ground - Part 2
Bokhara couching
Sara Shinton
Knit One, Embellish One
The knitting bit
Maggie Grey
Knit One, Embellish One
The embellishing bit
Chrissie Day
Between A Rock And A Soft Place
Shibori inspired by rock striations
Celebrity Interview
Sue Fenwick, Chair of West Country Embroiderers
September 2013

Ruth Smith
Folded Secrets Boxes Part 1
Chinese Paper Folding Technique
Frances Taylor
Sculptural Felt
Needle Felted Cuff Bracelet
Linda Vincent
Make it Bright
Mixed Media Collages
Susan Sorrell
Snips and Bits
A freeform abstract collage
Adele Thomas
The Liberated Print
Screen Printing with a difference
Glynda Morrison
Textured Book Cover
Mixed Media Techniques for Books
Anne Kelly
Postal Art
Postcards from the edge
Yvonne Auld
Taking Silk
Creating a Silk Painting
Celebrity Interview
Cas Holmes & Anne Kelly
December 2013

Ruth Smith
Folded Secrets Boxes - Part 2
Chinese Paper Folding Technique
Stephanie Redfern
Sketch to Stitch
A Garden Collage
Cas Holmes
Tea Flora Tales
Make a Sketchbook or Join a Challenge
Annette Emms
It's Party Time!
Fun Book Cover
Angie Hughes
Put Your Own Stamp On It
Easy-peasy Stamps for Great Results
Diane Eastham
The Magic of Marbling Part 1
Experimental Techniques
Diane Eastham
The Magic of Marbling Part 1
Using Marbled Fabric
Arlee Barr
Finding the Image
Dimensional Quilting
Celebrity Interview
Laura Youngson Coll

March 2012

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden
Image to Shrink Part 1
Materials and Basic Techniques work
Alysn Midgelow-Marsden
Image to Shrink Part 2
The Exciting Bit
Margaret Fairhead
Still Life in Stitch
Using built-in machine patterns
Janet Twinn
Edge to Edge
Colour effects with seams
Maggie Grey
Sarah Lawrence
A Tribute and a last Workshop
Yvonne Brown
Marvellous Marble
A contemporary interpretation of marble floor tiles
Jo Beattie
Structurally Sound
Life Drawing and Stitching
Maggie Grey
Faces, Figures and Fabric
Making a tall vessel
Celebrity Interview
Sarah Kelly
June 2012

Hilary Hollingworth
A Way of Working
Working from Photographs
Kathyanne White
Waxing Lyrical
Mixed Media with Encaustics - Part 1
Kathyanne White
Waxing Lyrical
Mixed Media with Encaustics - Part 2
Maggie Grey
Flowers from the Film
Three-Dimensional Dissolvables
Cas Holmes
Sustainable Stitch
Jennifer McFarlane
Romancing the Stone
Creating Texture with Stitch
Anne Kelly
Textiles Take Flight
Birds in Art and Textile Art
Emma Siedle-Collins
Floral Dance
Small Textile Wall Hangings
A Day in the Life of. . .
Fiona Wright
September 2012

Stephanie Redfern
Flying Free
Making a Slip Bird
Sherrill Kahn
The Rubbing Revolution
How to use rubbings in your work
Yvonne Brown
Links and Insertions
Working with synthetic materials and heat tools
Maggie Grey
Everything in the Garden
Stitched Metal for Outdoor Effects
June Parkinson
Wide Horizons
Working a Landscape from Digital Images
Yvonne Morton
Don't Let Your Mother Serve The Drinks
Setting up an Exhibition
Anne Menary
Let's Look at Lascaux
Cave Paintings in Cut Back Appliqué
Ruth Norbury
Blood Harvest
Paint Techniques for a Dark Message
50 Years of the 62 Group
A Personal History
December 2012

Laura Boswell
First Edition - Part 1
Linocuts: reduction prints without a press
Laura Boswell
First Edition - Part 2
Linocuts: reduction prints without a press
Jessica Richardson
Wasteland Daisies
Using Painted Bondaweb
Samantha Packer & Paula Watkins
Perfect for Pattern
Creating with Embossing Powder
Anne Kelly
Tell Me A Story
Constructing Personal Collages in Cloth
Kathyanne White
From Small Beginnings
A New Take on Mixed Media Books
Carol Wiebe
That Was Then
Don't be a Ghost in Your Machine
Siân Martin
Distant Stitch
Our Story So Far
Celebrity Interview
Lynda Monk

March 2011

Kathyanne White
New Dimensions
Digital prints for textile collage work
Wendy Dolan
Architectural Textures
Stitch and paint techniques
Angie Hughes
Into the Trees
Making a stitcher's bundle
Greta Fitchett
A Week in Andalucia
Stitch a textile diary
Liz Welch
Plastic Spaghetti, Part 2
Using Friendly Plastic Pellets
Heather Kingsley-Heath
Ladders and Laces
Beaded French Knitting
Kim Thittichai
Hot News
Layered and Painted Newspaper
Becky Vigor
Unintended Treasures
The art of turning mistakes into techniques
Celebrity Interview
Gwen Hedley
June 2011

Gina Ferrari
Headline News
Newspaper Fabric Backgrounds
Anne Menary
Stitching up your Holiday
Techniques for Sketchbook and Stitch
Maggie Grey
Place in Texture and Stitch
Working from Photographs
Olga Norris
Figure Drawing - in Stitch
Making figures by machine on soluble film
Janet Crowther
Notebooks are my Buckets
Building an Ideas Book
Lynda Monk
Hard-back Head Turners
Pelmet Vilene Surfaces for Books
Wendy Cotterill
The New Cut-work
Using Evolon with a soldering iron
Liz Plummer
Medieval City Notebooks
Using a thermofax screen to create an attractive notebook cover
Celebrity Interview
Jeanette Appleton
September 2011

Kathyanne White
Wrap it up - Recycle
Wraps for Paper and Fabric
Janet Crowther
From Page to Pot
Textile techniques for pots and vessels
Ruth Issett
Meshing with Colour
Exploring canvas grids with print and colour
Maggie Grey
Transfer Printed Textures
Iron-over Paint Techniques
Anita Bruce
Knitting as Drawing
A very personal approach
Hazel Credland
Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness
Book revival project - Ode to Autumn
Paula Watkins
Perfect Prints. . .
. . .but imperfect is even better
Sally Sparks
Rust is Fun Rust
Techniques for Stitchers
Celebrity Interview
Caroline Kirton
December 2011

Lynn Horniblow
Flower Shower
Machine embroidered flower tassels
Lynda Monk
Foiled Again
Kitchen towels with colour and glitz
Lizzy Lewis
The Lost Art of Letter Writing
Using Paper with the Embellisher
Siân Martin
Hats off to Constable
A Masterly Method of Design Transfer
Rayna Gillman
The Joy of Gelatine
Serendipity Printing
Maggie Grey
The Making of a Precious Book
An ongoing project
Kim Thittichai
Little Fishes in the Deep
Newspaper and Bondaweb Techniques
Pauline Verrinder
Cloth Book Sampler
Molding Felt Book
Behind the scenes at. . .
Urchfont Manor College

March 2010

Maggie Grey
Constructing with silk carrier rods
Anna Nowicki
Scrap Booking . . .
. . . but not as you know it
Sandra Meech
New inspiration, connecting art to stitch
Jane Wild
Art on a Plate, Part 1
Collagraph Experiments
Frieda Anderson
Blade Runner
Using rotary blades for pattern (and fun)
Isobel Hall
Baubles, Bangles and Bracelets
Mixed media techniques
Jenni Dobson
A Thing to Wear
Making a Kimono - Part 1
Lesley Riley
Tap into Textiles
Be creative with transfers
Kim Thittichai
Hot Stuff
Impressive Textures
Celebrity Interview
Jane Hall
June 2010

Lesley Irving
Inspired by Seed Heads
Machine embroidered silk sculptures
Jackie Langfeld
First, Paper the Parlour
Techniques with textured wallpaper
Jane Wild
Art on a Plate, Part 2
Collagraph experiments
Katherine James
'Quilts 1700-2010'
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Pauline Parker
Razzle Dazzle Brooches
Techniques for beautiful brooches
Marie Roper
The Metaphysical Computer
Design development on your computer
Naomi Renouf
Paint, Layer, Slash and Decorate
Techniques for decorative panels
Phillippa K Lack
Layered Art Quilts
Using a die cutter
Jenni Dobson
Kimono Decoration
Design and techniques
A day in the life of
The Thread Studio
As described by Dale Rollerson
September 2010

Karen Rao
Whirls and Swirls
Techniques for felting
Carol Wiebe
Paper Cuts
Create an art book from paper quilts
Angela Bentley
Sculptured Stitch
Layering techniques
Lesley Irving
Pagoda Pots
Stacked containers make a 'Pagoda'
Pauline Parker
Neptune's Garden
Soldered synthetics with a sea-shore theme
Jenni Cadman
Design for Movement
Textured textile techniques
Monica Morgan
Knits 'n' Bits
Textured knitting for embroiderers
Melanie Testa
'Getting' the Bird
Sampling and stitching
Maggie Grey
Chocs Away
Using sweetie foil, wallpaper and tissue with an iconic theme
Celebrity Interview
Leslie Morgan
December 2010

Nikki Parmenter
Fantastic Flowers
Floral Techniques with cellophane
Maggie Grey
Oiled and Despoiled
Oiled and distressed paper techniques
Lynn Horniblow
Falling Free
Free machinery techniques for a leafy bag
Jan Messent
The Rhythm of the Past
Stitching with Jan Messent
Helen Winthorpe Kendrick
Weather and Landscape
New canvas work techniques
Liz Welch
Plastic Spaghetti, Part 1
Friendly Plastic - but not as we know it
Heather Kingsley-Heath
Antique Albion
Albion stitch bracelet
Melanie Testa
Conversational Prints
Freezer Paper, Paint, Oh My!
Kate Dowty
In the Post
Colourful quilting for postcards
Celebrity Interview
Deirdre Hawken

March 2009

Anna Nowicki
Rusting Up
A Beginner's Guide to Rust Dyeing
Sue Rangeley
Rambles with Rouleaux
Tubular Techniques
Ken Smith
Machine Embroidery
Feather Stitch
Maggie Grey
Grungeboard - What on Earth - Part 2
Using a grungeboard stencil
Jackie Langfeld
Paper Warriors
Carving Cardboard
Anita Bruce
Knit your own Plankton
Create your own rules for textile life forms
Terrie Hitchcock
Bodies of Evidence
Transforming by Stitch
Celebrity Interview
Olga Norris
June 2009

Angie Hughes
A Shimmering Wonderland
Foiled again
Lynda Monk
Encrusted Blades
Textures surfaces for vessels
Maggie Grey
The Failed Experiments Box
Recycle scraps and disasters
Ken Smith
Machine Embroidery: Whip Stitch
Whip Stitch
Nikki Parmenter
The New Trapunto
Taxidermy without tears
Ruby Lever
Snappy Bag
Handbag with magnetic fastening
Janet Crowther
Colourful Couched Geometry
Pieced and patched bag
A week in the life of
Bogod & Company
September 2009

Samantha Packer and Maggie Grey
Cellophane Fun
Trapping, stitching and heating
Jae Maries
Contrasting Elements
Fresh inspiration for dynamic art textiles
Carol McFee
Rusty-crusty Vessel
Lutradur and molding paste techniques
Jackie Langfeld
Patchwork Panels for Vessels
Three dimensional card and stitch
Julie Smith
Where Does a Mermaid Carry her Purse?
Stitch and burn for purses and bracelets
Sue Dove
Snipping and Sliding
Collage for textiles
Cyber Fyber Relived
Maggie talks to Susan Lenz
Celebrity Interview
Jean Draper
December 2009

Olga Norris
Scrunch & Stitch
Using paper in reverse appliqué
Jan Beaney
Soluble Solutions
Layering Handstitching on Solusheet
Trish Vickers
Knit One, Embellish Too
Knitting and the Embellisher Machine
Greta Fitchett
Holiday Magic
Photo Patchwork
Becky Vigor
A Gift to Yourself
Journal making - connecting with your environment
Gina Ferrari
Fruity Fabrics
Recycling net bags
Judy Fairless
Evolon - the Soft Touch
Part 2 - prints, beads and buttons
Ruth Issett
Printing to Dye For
Working a quilted surface
Lynn Horniblow
Rings and Things
Making a berry tassel
Celebrity Interview
Alison Mercer

March 2008

Linda Bellinger
Colour and Texture for Stitched Landscapes
Acetate Printing
Angela Bentley
Textured Tiles
Keeping an inspiration book
Jackie Cardy
Celtic Knotwork
Cut-through Appliqué
Maggie Grey
Creative Stripping 2
Using Strips of Vanishing Muslin
Hazel Credland
Splitting the Image
Using the Picture Tubes Tool in Paint Shop Pro
Kim Thittichai
Celestial Cellophane
Creating a Heavenly Bowl using Heat Techniques
Isobel Hall
Terrific Teabags
Wax & Paint Techniques
Celebrity Interview
Alysn Midgelow-Marsden
June 2008

Lynda Monk
Pinked, Puffed and Paned
Create an Elizabethan Dressel
Jean Littlejohn
Luscious Lichen
Design to Embellish
Pauline Verrinder
Down to the Wire
Three-dimensional forms using wire
Ken Smith
The Chameleon Stitch
How to work mossing
Hilary Hollingworth
That Darn Weave
Using darning techniques
Hazel Credland
Splitting the Image - Part 2
Working with Layers in Paint Shop Pro
Christine Benson
Shades of Grey
Images in Monochrome
Celebrity Interview
Sue Rangeley
September 2008

Lynda Monk
Slinky Secrets
A Journal with a Difference
Alison Poole
The Cuff
Machine and beading techniques for jewellery
Wendy Cotterill
An Elemental Blend
Mixed media for textiles
Ken Smith
The Chameleon Stitch - Part 2
Variations on Basic Mossing Stitch
Yvonne Brown
Stone Story
Solder, zap and stitch techniques
Jennifer McFarlane
Flower Power
Working from a Floral Design Source
Alysn Midgelow-Marsden
La Belle Dame
Print, Metal and a Lovely Lady
Celebrity Interview
Sue Dove
December 2008

Lesley Irving
Going Potty
Decorative pots
Samantha Packer
Film Fantasy
3D effects with water-soluble film
Carolyn Sinclair
The creative embroidery machine
Automatic Embroidery
Ken Smith
Machine Embroidery: Getting Heavy
Bobbin Work
Maggie Grey
Grungeboard? What on Earth is That?
Colour, texture and transform
Wendy Cotterill
Paper and Paint
Mixed media for textiles (Part 2)
Sheila Smith
Felt Without Fuss
Taking the effort out of feltmaking
A Day in the Life of
Art Van Go

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