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Mixing Your Media

This talk looks at some of the exciting products that are available to stitchers today. Waxes, gels and paints combine with fabric for a range of textiles. Techniques will be shown - bring your notebooks.

Talk Stitches, Straps and LayersSSL

Stitches, Straps and Layers

This talk examines methods of building-up surfaces with stitching, laminating and the use of strips and straps. A great way of designing without the 'd' word.

Talk RaisingRaising

Texture for Embroidery (Raising the Surface)

This talk covers inspiration for textural embroideries from the natural world and from some less predictable sources. It also looks at ways to achieve texture in your embroideries with some step-by-step illustrations, and includes a gallery of work by well-known embroiderers.

Talk GlitzGlitz
Putting on the Glitz

A lightning tour of goldwork through the ages and an exploration of goldwork as it is used today, including contemporary ecclesiastical work and sumptuous goodies from leading embroiderers. From gold kid to embossing powders - if it shines, it's in. Lots of lovely glitz and something for everyone. This talk involves both of us, with Clive contributing on historical aspects.

Talk Surface and StitchSurface & Stitch
Surface and Stitch

We all love those exciting masking and dyeing techniques, especially those that produce a pattern on our fabric. However, these can be difficult to incorporate into stitched pieces. This talk looks at a variety of surface techniques including cyanotype, rust dyeing, screen printing and collagraphs to mention just a few. Lots of finished pieces are shown.

Talk Image to StitchImage to Stitch

Image to Stitch

How do you use a computer for embroidery design? Does it enhance or diminish it? The ways in which leading embroiderers use their machines give us some ideas. Traditional areas such as ecclesiastical work are shown, together with some sumptuous stitching from today's embroiderers. The talk also contains lots of design ideas for those who don't have computers.

Talk Faces & PlacesFaces

Faces and Places

This talk looks at two areas of inspiration: Faces, which have long fascinated all artists and have a particular appeal to textile artists, and Places, which range from landscape, cityscape and terrain. Both these subjects are covered in the talk by looking at the inspiration and work of well-known textile artists.

Talk WallsWalls
Old Walls and Painted Halls

Based on architecture ranging from the wonders of Southern Spain's Moorish influence to the Gothic splendour of the Sainte Chapelle in Paris, this talk looks at the details of such sites as the Alcazar in Seville, the Great Mosque at Cordoba and the Alhambra in Granada through wall paintings in China to the Art Nouveau grandeur of the Watts Chapel and the exotic images of Marrakech. It goes on to show how this inspiration can be used in embroidery, covering both design and stitch from various artists.

Talk PaperPaper

Paper, Metal & Stitch

More and more embroiderers are using paper in their work and this talk features such artists as Frankie Creith, Cas Holmes and Jane Wild. We will discuss their work (plus that of other textile artists) and show ways of using paper with metal, texture gels, paint effects and stitch. Both hand and machine stitching will give inspiration and suggest ways of incorporating mixed media in textile art.

Piece left by Jane Wild.

Talk Vis InvisVisible


Disappearing elephants and a good look at dissolvable materials with some lovely finished pieces. Covering the use of papers, films and 3D dissolvables, this talk also considers distortions and the use of heat treatments for such fabrics as nappy liners and Lutradur.

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